How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Furry Friend

Organic dog food is always better for digestion & metabolism; Tender & True organic dog food is USDA certified; Royal Canin has variety of foods; Just Food For Dogs prepares fresh non-perishable personalized foods; Taste Of The Wild has unique protein sources.

How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Furry Friend

Organic foods have always been something customers have been eager to spend on, no matter how rare they are. When it comes to your furry friend, organic dog food is always the best choice for digestion and metabolism. Tender and True organic dog food is USDA certified and makes each of its recipes an excellent choice for dogs. It contains organic chicken, organic chicken flour, organic tapioca starch, organic dried peas, and organic chickpeas.

Animal protein comes from both chicken flour and fresh chicken. This brand of dog food is highly recommended by buyers satisfied with its recipe and the effect on their dogs. If you're looking for dog food with below-average calories (359 kcal per cup) and above average protein, then this is what you should take home. The first five ingredients that make this dog food perfect for your pup are boneless turkey, chicken meal, dried ground potatoes, peas, and turkey flour.

Animal protein comes from fresh turkey and chicken flour. This is a highly recommended premium recipe for older dogs, with a fat to protein ratio of approximately 38%. It also contains taurine which is important for dogs' hearts. Just Food For Dogs prepares a variety of fresh, non-perishable, personalized foods.

Their freshly frozen turkey and whole wheat macaroni contain ground turkey, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, blueberries, and cod liver oil for omega fatty acids. It consists of 35% protein, 13% fat and 3% fiber (based on dry matter). The brand carries out diet tests and uses ingredients of human quality and without preservatives. Four of our experts recommended Royal Canin because it is of the highest quality and uses top quality ingredients; many of the experts give it to their own pets.

The brand has a variety of foods that help dogs at all stages of life, from puppies to adult dogs. You can also get food for specific types of breeds which may require a prescription from your veterinarian. Richardson recommends the brand's vegetarian option as it provides enough vitamin B12 and protein for dogs without deriving anything from a meat source. Since dogs are omnivorous, giving your dog a vegetarian diet is easier than cats (the latter are carnivores) and could benefit the environment.

However, it's also easier for them to lose crucial nutrients so always consult your vet before considering this option. Phillips also recommends this brand for puppies because it has specific diets for growing dogs. Boneless chicken, chicken meal, turkey flour, potatoes and peas are the best way to ensure your dog's health. Any food you give your dog must indicate on the label that it meets the nutritional standards set by the AAFCO. The grain-free recipe of boneless salmon, turkey meal, menhaden fish meal, lamb meal and red lentils promote higher metabolism and are ideal for adult dogs of small breeds.

Ultra-cheap dog foods tend to be full of lower quality ingredients to increase their volume and keep their prices low so Cameron suggests making sure that dog foods use “human-grade” ingredients to ensure you're getting the highest quality. Krause told us that she is a fan of literally everything the brand does and said: “Stella & Chewy has never published anything that I didn't like”. Probiotics, prebiotics and yeasts can also benefit a puppy's immature gastrointestinal tract and probiotics can help boost overall immunity in older dogs. Stephanie Liff from Pure Paws Veterinary Care explains that palatability is a vital part of deciding what to feed a dog. Simply put, dogs deserve to eat well; in fact “proper nutrition is ranked fourth in the American Veterinary Medical Association's Guidelines for Responsible Pet Keeping”. As someone who has been researching this for years I would like to introduce you to the right way to choose the best dog foods for your specific pup.

You should consider your personal situation several feeding criteria for dogs, and several organizational requirements. As valued members of the family (and sometimes the primary beneficiaries of their owners' wills), dogs deserve to have the best food available to them but knowing which brands and products are the healthiest for your four-legged friend can be difficult because there are so many options on the market. In addition to beef and lamb Taste of the Wild's ingredient lists often include unique protein sources such as bison salmon duck venison and wild boar in a nod to the type of game hunted by the ancestors of today's dogs (such proteins are always the first ingredient in the recipe).

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